The Clergy Revolts! CK2-EU4-Vicky2-HoI4-Stellaris Super Campaign episode 285 [EU4 Part 89]

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The time has come! With the channel reaching 1,000 subscribers we will embark on the Supercampaign! We started as an Irish Count in Crusader Kings II's earliest start date and played through CK2 conquering most of Europe bringing us to EU4. Now it is time to integrate the last holdouts and restor the glorious Roman Empire. Then we will embarking on expanding our Empire overseas, building up strength to take over Asia in the future when the supercampaign moves on to Vicky 2, HoI4, and finally Stellaris where we will conquer the galaxy!

Join in and watch as the Panzer Nation goes from rulers of a small Irish County to the rulers of the Galaxy!

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