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  • 01:30 Mara Panzar Fantasma Restaurant

    Mara Panzar Fantasma Restaurant

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    A video proposal for a concept restaurant sans the narration soundtrack. The theme of the restaurant was a change in perspective. This is explored through the mirrors on the walls, which are in continuous motion showing the diners a unique view throughout

  • 00:19 Mara Panzar Better Social Online Ad

    Mara Panzar Better Social Online Ad

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    A simple jQuery code turns any partner site into an interactive ad. Taking advantage of the full page display is 70% more effective than regular online banners, and fits particularly well into the overall message of the Better Social campaign.

  • 00:15 Mara Panzar Better Social Future Applications

    Mara Panzar Better Social Future Applications

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    With the advent of augmented reality smart-swear, a user's online standing, as determined through Better Social, could be instantly shared thus completing the melding of their online and offline lives. This ensures their increased interest in upholding a