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My Dead Friend Sent Me A Terrifying Video | This is my story

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Hi, my name is Kiera, and my world came apart when my best friend died and left a horrifying video behind for me.

I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, but I always had Sloane. She was the loud one, the funny one, the girl that always lit up the room. But then, when we got into highschool, she started being a little withdrawn. She was partying more than ever, and I was desperate to stay friends with her.

So when she wanted to skip class all the time, I went with her. Our junior year, we skipped an entire week of our physics class. Every day, we went and got food, but Sloane would barely eat. She looked tired and scared.

But before I got to ask why⁠—it happened. Our parents found out we had been skipping and I had my phone and computer taken away. The next few days were some of the most boring of my life… and they were made even worse because Sloane wasn’t showing up to school.

I asked everyone if they knew where she was, but no one had heard a thing. All I wanted to do was text her and ask if everything was good. I was afraid her parents had made her move schools or something.

Then, the news

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