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I Made the Hardest Game Ever

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Can I use the softest physics to make the hardest game?

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→ "Cord Cutter" & "The Floor" by Boom Kitty:
→ "Crazy" by Antti Luode
→ "Vicious" by Kevin MacLeod ()

So this week I decided to make a rage game. Why? Well I just wanted to. It's definitely not because I was recently playing "Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy" and couldn't finish the game, so wanted to make others suffer.

This game uses a pretty neat mechanic called soft body physics. In the Box2D physics engine built into unity, no physics objects can bend or deform, which is absolutely no fun. So I programmed up my own substitute, and by programmed up I mean patched up my old code with stuff from the internet.

The game is called "Stick With It" 'cause you're like sticking to stuff, get it? In the game, you control a little blobby guy who is generally unimpressed with your jumping skills. An arrow constantly moving back and forth indicates the direction you can jump. But be careful! One wrong tap and it's back to the beginning.

I think I kinda failed at the whole "rage game" goal, which is to make something frustratingly hard that you still can't put down. This game, which is not even that hard by the way, is also not fun.

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