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Darkfall Rise of Agon Absurd Adventure MMORPG 2020

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Darkfall Rise of Agon is a game I always heard about, and today I grabbed up my longest running MMO friend : Switchin' With Steve and we went in swords blazing to see what this MMORPG was all about in 2020. The adventure we found wasn't what we planned. It's not what you have planned. It's the most absurd quest I've ever been on, and it was a simple one : Kill some Goblins. Join us as we chase chickens through the streets and illegally slaughter common house cats. You do not want to miss this one!

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Darkfall: Rise of Agon is a fantasy MMORPG with fast paced, competitive first person combat, a vast and seamless open world and a game focused on risk vs reward. Join battles of thousands of players in an open PvP environment where player skill and group strategy determines the outcome. Take to the seas in epic naval combat, build your own towering cities or lay siege to your enemies. Rise of Agon has no levels or character classes and offers an in-depth skill system where your character progresses through their actions alone. Players are free to explore the seamless world of Agon, delve to the depths of its dungeons or earn their keep as a simple crafter or merchant.

First Person Combat | Aim every arrow you shoot, every spell you cast, and every swing of your sword. Player skill alone determines the winner in competitive, twitch-based combat.
Full Loot PvP | PvP is allowed throughout Agon where there are no safe zones. Wage war on your hated racial enemies, lay siege to enemy clans or become a feared & hunted player killer. Our Alignment system ensures actions are not without consequence.
Skill Based Progression | Play how you want with unlimited skill combinations and zero class restrictions. Become a feared fighter, wealthy trader, or thieving pirate based on your actions alone.
Player Driven Economy | Traders & Merchants play a vital role in driving our rich player driven economy. Make your fortune running your own store or pick up a trade to meet your own needs.
Empire Building & Conquest | Expand the reach of your empire’s influence with player-created cities and villages. Form strategic alliances and conquer competing clan’s territories in intense siege warfare.

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