CYBER DRAGON VIER - The best Cyber Dragon support in Duel Links!

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CYBER DRAGON VIER, Once per turn, when the player summon [Cyber Dragon] on his field, it can be special summon to the field with face-up position, this effect will trigger by Proto-Cyber Dragon and Cyber Dragon Drei (Their name become Cyber Dragon when face-up on the field or in the graveyard)

The second effect of Cyber Dragon Vier, all [Cyber Dragon] will gain an additional 500 Atk and Def, this will help to boost Cyber Dragon to overcome some big monster.

Since Cyber Dragon Vier and Cyber Dragon Drei will become Cyber Dragon while in the graveyard, Keeper of Dragon Magic able to discard them and search for polymerization, and special summon them back by revealing a fusion monster that listed Cyber Dragon as fusion material, we also can fusion them immediately to special summon Panzer Dragon (Dragon-Type + Machine-Type Monster)

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