Arma 3 Milsim (2019) - It's Time to Charge Forward - PSO Multiplayer Gameplay - Ep 16

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More arma 3 gameplay is coming! In this arma 3 milsim operation, PSO will be playing an arma 3 multiplayer mission in our new deployment called Black Gold. In this arma milsim episode, we are being sent out to rescue some captured individuals and take out a few listening posts in the area. This will be my first time ever as a fire team leader. It won't be easy though. We expect that just like every other arma mission in in our arma 3 pmc campaign casualties will be high but fun will ensue. To try and make this somewhat or an arma 3 realism operation, we'll be using some of our arma 3 mods to allow us work as a team to complete the objective. There will be some arma 3 roleplay that takes place when we get there. We will have our arma 3 zeus running this mission as our arma 3 realism director. Arma 3 military roleplay and our arma 3 realism unit creates some of the best milsim arma 3 experiences that I've come across; especially during this Arma 3 deployment. Arma III is one of the best milsim games that are out there so you can imagine I'll be doing this to arma 4 and beyond. I hope you enjoy this arma 3 mission from arma 3 2019 from me Snackbar on the War is Hell channel.

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